Due Diligence

Performing pre-construction due diligence prior to the acquisition of land assets is critical to assess potential risks and protect your interests in any development venture.


We handle the permitting process from start to finish keeping the critical construction process on target and on time.



We can increase the productivity of the entitlement process by tracking important informaiton and staying on top of those needed to get the approvals done. 

Construction Costs

Staying on budget is critical to any construction project. Using our construction cost module you can easily see at any time where you stand on the budget of your project. 

Advanced Administration   

Project Boss gives you the flexibility to create accounts at various levels of reponsibility and assign them the appropriate permssions to access the data they need.

Custom Reports

Project Boss is a custom system designed specifially for construction project managment. We can any report that you need to easily see a snapshot of data important to you.